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Ridgeline Base Camp
Base Camp is a set of high adventure experiences that provide both challenge and entertainment while filling many requirements for both the Varsity Scouting and Venturing recognition program.

The program offerings consist of base camp and backcountry programs.  There are two schedule options to choose from: 5 day progam and 3 day program.  Particpants choosing the 5 day program can participate in every Outdoor Adventure Trail.  Those units who choose the 3 day option will choose two of the four OUtdoor Adventure Activities. The Outdoor Adventure Activities will include Top Shot, Mountain Sports, Water Sports, and Primitive Engineering.  

The 5 day option will run from Monday thru Saturday morning while the 3 day option will run from Wednesday thru Saturday morning.  To find out more information about the acitivities, camp, price please consult the Leader's Guide or call the Camp Desk at (801) 582-3663.

Fees: $145 - weeklong youth    $85 - 3 days youth
          $25 - weekling adult        $15 - 3 day adult

Dining Hall Fees: $80 - weeklong (youth and adult)       $45 - 3 day (youth and adult) 


Directions to Hinckley Scout Ranch

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